47 South 4th Street Suite B     
Phila PA 19106

Bruce Slemmer 

Blond Specialist

Highlights, Highlights, Highlights !!!

 Bruce Slemmer the Blonde Specialist is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - With advanced chemical treatments, the condition of your hair will never feel better. Bruce has perfected the technique of getting the highlights closest to the roots and that effect means they last longer.Our first priority is maintaining and encouraging you to have the healthiest, shiniest hair possible when you leave our salon.

What better way to change your look than with a new haircut ,style, and highlights. For substance to your boring hair,  Bruce's mad genius is what you need. If you want to conserve length, but have movement and style then Bruce's haircuts are for you.

When looking through the picture gallery we have tried to include every shade of blond, using real people and movie stars so you could pick out the perfect color and Bruce can replicate it.!!!

We'd love to see you in person in our salon!  Stop by our place, right here in Old City, Philadelphia.